The Birdopolis story begins with our protagonist, Carver the chipping sparrow, and his ill-fated attempt to compete in Bird Idol. After a horrid couple of seconds singing for the judges, Carver is booed (OK, chirpped) off stage. Carver and Millie, his chipping sparrow lady friend, escape into the night, only to be separated by a classic trio of rainstorm, 18 wheeler truck and hungry cat. After flying right into your living room window, Carver needs help and somehow knocks on your door, even though he doesn't have knuckles.

Carver then takes our player on a brief tour of their own backyard, explaining that there's a secret world of bird characters that the player doesn't know about. That, in order to become friends with these birds, the player has to build up his or her backyard with items each bird loves.