Carver is one of the star character birds players encounter in Birdopolis. Carver engages with players from the start of the game:

  • The cut scene that plays at the start of the game shows Carver being booed off the stage of Bird Idol, encountering numerous problems as he tries to fly home, and ending up at the player's yard.
  • Carver is the main character of A Bird with a Dream, a Chapter where the player helps Carver find a singing coach. As Carver introduces you to the world of Birdopolis, one thing becomes apparent: these birds have real backstories. Players meet a pair of Common Starling wannabe actors, Starling and Hutch; Bill, a House Sparrow who likes to grill; Viola, a Song Sparrow music instructor, and a few aspiring dancers. Each bird seems to want something from Carver, who was thinking he was going to lay low in the player's yard and recover from his traumatic Bird Idol experience.